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PhD Project available!
I am currently advertising a NERC PhD project: Can wild insects adapt to climate change by changing their behaviour? The project has been been approved by the GW4+ doctoral training partnership, and funding will be awarded according to a competitive ranking of candidates apply for a variety of projects. If you have received or expect to receive a 1st Class Degree or an MSc or MRes with distinction, or you're in the process of publishing work you've already done,you will be competitive for this position. Details of how to apply can be found here, please contact me to discuss anything about the project, for advice with your application etc.

MRes and PhD Projects
The Centre for Ecology and Conservation has a vibrant graduate student community with over 40 postgraduate research students and a larger number of taught MSc students

I am keen to supervise MRes and PhD projects on a broad range of evolutionary questions, particularly using insect model systems. Apart from the project above, I don't anticpate having funding for studentships in the next 12 months and getting funding for a PhD is increasingly difficult unless you have a wealthy Aunt. There are some opportunities listed on the University funding page. Funding your own MRes project is less of a financial committment that embarking on a PhD, and if you're doing this you need to be sure you do a project that will generate publications quickly. Drop me a line and we can talk about projects using our WildCrickets system, which I think are ideal in this respect.

Post-Doctoral opportunities
I am keen to collaborate with post-doctoral researchers interested in similar areas to myself. If you are a non-UK EU citizen you can apply for Fellowships from a number of organisations: consult NERC, BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, Royal Society and Marie Curie webpages for Fellowship eligibility and guidelines. If you are a non EU-citizen, you may be eligible for funding from Marie Curie, Royal Society, NSF International Research Fellowship Program (US only), Life Science Research Foundation (US only), Wellcome New Investigator and Human Frontiers programs. We are very keen to host research fellows. If you are thinking about writing a fellowship application and fancy working somewhere nice with a strong evolutionary ecology focus, drop me a line.

Drinking opportunities
In the autumn of 1836, Charles Darwin landed within sight of the Tremough campus, recording in his diary: 'On the 2nd of October we made the shore, of England; and at Falmouth I left the Beagle, having lived on board the good little vessel nearly five years. ' To celebrate this auspicious event, the Centre for Ecology and Conservation hosts an annual Darwin Landing Lecture followed by a dinner at one of the restaurants favoured by Charles during his visit. Past speakers have included Geoff Parker, Tim Clutton Brock, Kate Lessells,Pat Monaghan, Charles Godfray, Alan Grafen and Nick Davies. This year, we were proud to welcome Professor Becky Kilner to give the Darwin Landing Lecture.