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Rolando Rodríguez-Muñoz (NERC Postdoctoral Fellow) E-mail
Rolando is a running our field project investigating natural and sexual selection in a wild field cricket population in Northern Spain using a network of video cameras and genotyping all individuals.

David Fisher (NERC PhD student) E-mail
David is working on social networks and personality in wild insects using the WildCrickets field site.

Ian Skicko (NERC PhD student) E-mail
Fran is conducting behavioural and genomic studies of sexual selection and reproductive isolation in field crickets, using 454 sequence data from the transcriptome of Gryllus campestris, and examining isolation between this species and Gryllus bimaculatus.

Sophie Kendall (MRes student) E-mail
Sophie is using high-speed and time-lapse video recordings to look for evidence of physiological declines in wild insects using the WildCrickets project

Joe Faulks (MRes student) E-mail
Joe is examining phonotaxis and mate choice in field crickets, including examining attractiveness of hybrid individuals to determine barriers to gene flow in natural populations.



Frances Tyler (ESF PhD student) E-mail
Fran carried out behavioural and cuticular hydrocarbon studies of sexual selection and reproductive isolation in field crickets, examining isolation between Gryllus campestris and Gryllus bimaculatus.

Kim Jensen (NERC Postdoctoral Fellow) E-mail
Kim worked on a project in collaboration with John Hunt, examining the link between microevolutionary processes and macroevolutionary change by examining the evolution of the G matrix for male call structure across six natural populations of the black field cricket Teleogryllus commodus. We're still working on analysing the calls!

Daniel Pincheira-Donoso(Leverhulme Postdoctoral Fellow) E-mail
Daniel investigated the adaptive radiation of the Liolaemus lizard genus - one of the largest vertebrate genera, using the group as a model system for addressing questions about speciation. He is now a lecturer at the University of Lincoln.

Thor Veen (Dutch Science foundation Postdoctoral Fellow) E-mail
Thor used field crickets as a model for understanding signal use in sexual selection and speciation, particularly situations where signals have roles in signalling both species and quality. He has just landed a job at Quest University in British Columbia. Don't visit their website, you'll want to move house.

Lucy Wright (NERC PhD student)
Lucy was co-supervised by Annette Broderick and used field data collections and microsatellite genotyping to study Inbreeding and the recovery of green turtle populations. She is now a technician at the CEC.

Jeff Stoltz (NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow) E-mail
Jeff is in Toronto writing up his work on the genetic architecture of condition depdendent traits using cricket songs and mutagenesis...

David Punzalan (NERC Postdoctoral Fellow) E-mail
David workedwith John Hunt and I on our project examining the evolution of the G matrix for male call structure across natural populations of the black field cricket. He realised the project had far too much looking after thousands of crickets and bailed out to return to Toronto

Xavier Harrison (NERC PhD student) E-mail
Xav was co-supervised by Stuart Bearhop and studied the causes and consequences of variation in dispersal strategy in an arctic migrant, the Light-bellied Brent goose (Branta bernicla hrota). He's now a PDRA here at the CEC.

Will Pitchers (NERC PhD student) E-mail
Will was co-supervised by John Hunt and worked on genetic integration constraints on adaptation using the cricket Teleogryllus commodus as a model system, he's now working at MSU on evolutionary genomics of wing shape in Drosophila.

Manmohan Sharma (former NERC PhD student) E-mail
MD was co-supervised by David Hosken and used laboratory studies of Drosophila simulans to study sexual selection & adaptation. He continues to work with on these systems as a PDRA here at the CEC.

Amanda Bretman (Postdoctoral Fellow) E-mail
Amanda was a PhD student with me and subsequently ESF and NERC post-doctoral fellow. She developed microsatellite markers in field crickets
Gryllus bimaculatus in collaboration with the NERC Sheffield Molecular Genetics Facility. She used these markers to answer a range of questions in relation to sperm competition and differential allocation. She is now at UEA working on similar questions in flies.

Laurene Gay (Postdoctoral Fellow) E-mail
Laurene was a NERC funded post-doctoral fellow investigating the role of sexual conflict in driving evolution and interactions with population size and genetic diversity using the bruchid beetle Callosobruchus maculatus as a model system. She now works at the INRA in Montpellier where life is so good, they can't be arsed to have an even vaguely functioning website.

Kelly Green(BBSRC PhD student) E-mail
Kelly investigated sexual selection, mate choice and multiple mating in field crickets. She is now on the verge of being super famous as lead singer of ace band 'The Eyelids'.

Fathi Ali Attia (Libyan Government PhD student) E-mail
Fathi's PhD involved laboratory experiments to examine why female flour beetles
Tribolium castaneum mate so readily, including evidence for sexual conflict over mating rate and possible genetic benefits to females of polyandry.

Isabel Smallegange (Visiting PhD student) E-mail
Isabel spent 6 months working with me, investigating the potential for reduced competition between related bruchid beetles. She is now working on eco-evolutionary dynamics in the bulb mite at Imperial College.

Martin Edvardsson(Visiting PhD student) E-mail
Martin is now a postdoctoral resarcher at ANU after his 6 months STINT with me funded by the 'Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education'.